Terms & Conditions

Shipping FCL - (Full Container) Terms

  • Depending on the area and equipment's accessibility.
  • Subject to clear S/D with all necessary information on shipper liability.
  • The expected departure/arrival date and transit time for the vessel are subject to carrier.
  • Cargo must be properly lashed and secured on the shipper's dime.
  • Rates for standard and non-Imo freight.
  • Rates are on a free in/out basis unless otherwise noted.
  • Bulk packing of cargo is not acceptable
  • Except for any formal receipts, all rates.
  • THC is subject to change in relation to the daily currency exchange rate.
  • Assign Reefer/Containers & Pickup 3 working days before deadline
  • VGM and final submission one working day before to deadline.
  • Enter and complete the custom certificate one working day before the deadline.
  • All official receipts will be on the shipper's account in the event that the shipper causes a gate delay.

Shipping LCL - (Less Container) Terms

  • Subject to clear S/D with all necessary data on shipper responsibility.
  • Subject to space and equipment availability. The shipper must specify the weights and dimensions of the cargo.
  • The date and time of the transit for cargo are approximations and are dependent on the carrier. Cargo must be properly lashed and secured on the shipper's dime.
  • Rates are on a free in/out basis unless otherwise noted and do not include any official receipts.
  • Rates for general and non-Imo cargo.
  • Delivery or pick-up of cargo must occur three
  • working days before to the assigned date. THC is subject to change based on the currency's daily exchange rate.

Air Cargo Terms

  • subject to available seats and flights.
    Rates depend on Actual CHW (chargeable weight)
    The shipper's supplied weights and dimensions will affect the rates.
  • The anticipated departure/arrival date and transit time for flights are subject to change by the airlines.
  • Cargo must be adequately secured and packed by the shipper.
  • General and non-Imo cargo rate
    Except for any formal receipts, all rates.
  • THC and D/O are subject to fluctuate based on the daily currency exchange rate.
  • delivery or pickup of cargo three working days before the scheduled date.

Trucking Terms

  • It is necessary to lash and secure the cargo appropriately.
  • Taxes are not included in any prices All prices do not include any official receipts.
  • In case of delay or overnight delay, additional fees will be assessed.
  • Inland insurance is not included in any pricing.
  • Loading and unloading freight at your location in a maximum of 8 hours.

Customs Clearance Terms

  • Our offers are contingent to the customs office receiving the required documentation.
  • Our incentives only apply to general, chemical, non-Imo cargo and are limited to five products per shipment.
  • A formal contract will be in place once you accept our offer by delivering the first work order.
  • By making this offer, we are pledging and acknowledging that we will cover all official storage and demurrage receipts, as well as clearance, trucking, and any other official receipts we may come across when completing the client purchase.
  • Taxes are not applied to any prices.
    All charges, except any official receipts.

General Terms

Terms of Use for the Website of ACS LOGISTICS CO.

Use of and access to the ACS LOGISTICS website is subject to the terms and conditions below:

1.  Website use and access:

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While all care was exercised in the development of the software, ACS LOGISTICS CO. Software is provided and excepted in the case of international or domestics using,

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