ACS provides specialist warehousing services to keep your cargo secure whether you are exporting items abroad or domestically.

warehouses importance

A wide variety of risks can affect goods being transported anywhere in the world, some of which include loss or damage due to theft, pilferage, or hijack; mistakes made during transportation, such as dropping, rough handling, or vehicle fire; accidents involving the conveyance carrying the goods, such as vessel sinking, aircraft crashing, or vehicle fire; exposure to rain or saltwater; and changes in temperature.

Warehousing services

We guarantee the optimum solutions. The owner of the items cannot easily control the safety of these hazards. This is so that the shipment’s care, custody, and control will be transferred to third parties, who will have a limited scope of obligation for loss or damage to those products.

Door To Door

In this scenario, the customer is exempt from making any arrangements for sea or air freight cargo.

From the time the cargo is loaded, delivered to the port, and cleared through customs, until it safely reaches its destination, is cleared, and is delivered to the customer’s door, we are in charge of the entire process.

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