Handling FCL's / LCL's shipments to worldwide destinations

Sea Freight

No matter how big or small your company is, you can count on us to deliver thesea freight services we promised on time because openness is our business's main operating principle. Our extensive knowledge of the logistics sector has allowed us to create a great service at a competitive price while planning every stage of your seagoing freight voyage.

ACS Logistics sea freight services

You can depend on smooth sea freight when you engage with ACS Logistics as your shipping partner, even with the complexity of international law.

Both FCL and LCL container consolidations – import & export – We send them all over the world. We coordinate every facet of your seagoing shipment, from the moment it leaves your door to the point of arrival.

Sea freight containers

ACS is constantly working to make the freight process simpler. We will plan your container for you by partnering with several Reliable Carriers, we will give you the option to choose the best carrier. We will also present you with the best shipping price we can, ensuring that you don't pay more than is necessary.

FCL – Full Container Load

The product is offered at a container rate if the shipper or consignee has sufficient cargo to make the purchase of a 20- or 40-foot container economical. When purchasing a container, the buyer agrees on a price; nevertheless, the amount of cargo that is loaded within the container is entirely up to him; the lower the unit cost, the more tonnage that is loaded inside the container.

LCL – Less than Container Load

This kind of product is comparable to the consolidation service used when there aren't enough goods to satisfy the shippers' needs for a 20-foot container. This amounts to a groupage service since space is sold at the applicable weight-and-measure rate to and from the major ports around the globe.

We can provide a complete schedule of services that shows the frequency, transit time, and true freight prices because they do change significantly for different lines along the same trade route and because we cooperate with all shipping lines.

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