This service deals with the transport of oversized cargo by air, sea & road.

Container Handling

Our major goal is to carry out innovative and important projects in a variety of industries, thus we have invested in equipment for container handling, loading, and unloading containers, helping us to become one of the leading project cargo forwarders.

Container Handling services

ACS Logistics specializes in the transportation of heavy lifts, enormous cargo, and overweight loads.

We are aware of the constraints; we conduct the necessary research, and design the model for every project from its beginning to its end, taking into account all potential challenges and abiding by local laws and regulations. All of this is done to ensure that the project is completed in full compliance with the terms of the service provider’s and the client’s contract.

Our company provides services and solutions for lifting, transporting, installing, and decommissioning large and heavy constructions in order to assist clients in increasing construction productivity and maximizing the uptime of their facilities and installations.

One of Egypt’s most adaptable brand-new fleets and a highly qualified project team are two of ACS Logistics’ strengths. ACS Logistics is prepared for a broad operational scope and offers top-notch services in operational sectors of all sizes.

We think that there are more variables at play in our company than just size. If one wants to arrive on time, one must take the initiative to overcome hurdles.

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