Cargo Insurance

With the help of our affordable shipping insurance packages, we can make sure that your products arrive at their destination securely and undamaged by fire, theft, or other calamities. Your items will be protected by ACS.

In addition to offering long-term storage and distribution facilities that are expressly designed to support the High-Tech industry, we also manage containerized and hazardous products.

Cargo insurance solutions

If necessary, we can palletize, shrink-wrap, repack, and mark your shipment. We guarantee that your cargo will leave in the same condition in which it arrived.

In addition to providing covered and uncovered warehousing, arranging for the cargo to be palletized, barcoding, order processing, inventory management, labeling, invoicing, and, if necessary, even warranty and invoice collection, value-added services for your cargo include labeling, labeling, and invoicing.

Additionally, in order to meet the demands of our client's businesses, we may also offer a shared warehouse space.

What does value protect mean?

Value protect is essentially a different type of insurance policy that can be used in addition to or instead of standard cargo insurance.

The bill of lading, the contract outlining the obligations and rights of each party involved in the shipping process, as well as the international laws and terms and conditions that apply to the international transportation of products, must all be completed at the time a shipment is scheduled.

You need to be certain that your things are secure in the hands of the shipping company before entrusting them with their administration. The final component, the value product, ensures that you will be compensated in full if something were to happen to your cargo. Our answers are ideal.

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