Celebrate Ramadan with Our Amazing Offer: Zero Ocean Freight from Egypt to China

ramdan offer 1 Ramadan Offers ACS Logistics Co.

Terms and conditions

  • Completion of all shipment documents
  • Official authorization for ACS Logistics Co.
  • Depending on the area and equipment's accessibility.
  • Subject to clear S/D with all necessary information on shipper liability.
  • The expected departure/arrival date and transit time for the vessel are subject to the carrier.
  • Cargo must be properly lashed and secured on the shipper's dime.
  • Rates for standard and non-Imo freight.
  • Rates are on a free in/out basis unless otherwise noted.
  • Bulk packing of cargo is not acceptable
  • Except for any formal receipts, all rates.
  • THC is subject to change in relation to the daily currency exchange rate.
  • Assign Reefer/Containers & Pickup 3 working days before the deadline
  • VGM and final submission one working day before the deadline.
  • Enter and complete the custom certificate one working day before the deadline.
  • All official receipts will be on the shipper's account in the event that the shipper causes a gate delay.

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