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ACS Logistics is a full-service supplier that provides various levels of logistics and transportation services. bringing together the resources of shipping lines, steamship lines, and trucking firms from around the world to create outstanding service and cost options for a range of clients, even for specific customers or cargoes.

As a freight forwarder, we weave together an amazing combination of some or all of the logistic services, using alternatives for the air, land, and sea to enable the fulfillment of our customers' shipping and transport requirements. Finding the right balance between time and money enables their supply chain to function as a whole, offering clients a seamless connected experience that helps them achieve their present goals, uncover new ones, and broaden their perception of what is possible.

We consider ourselves an expert in our craft. We design our product with the care and patience necessary to guarantee the conclusion of our goals and that is the complete satisfaction of our clients. Also assisting them in whatever they need and requirements whether it is any service in the logistics aspect or as little as advice and direction to the right course of action to protect their best interest and keep their eyes wide open to the optimal steps they need to take.

We are customer-focused, customer-driven, and strive passionately to provide an excellent and professional level of personalized service to our clients.

Mr. Hany Abd Alaal | Chairman


Success starts with visualizing what we want to achieve in the long term. Our vision sets the direction and provides the inspiration for our journey toward our future goals.

To be a leading Freight Forwarder with a strong network of offices in Egypt, We provide our customers with a full range of services through our network, globally supported by integrated partnerships.


Day in, day out we work in the spirit of our mission to achieve our vision. Our mission provides us guidance in making correct and sustainable decisions.

We provide integrated and high-quality Customs and logistic services that improve our customers business continuity, cost, and ecological footprint.

Our employees make it happen. We therefore continually invest in training and support them to further grow their competence and well-being.


Trust and Responsibility: We give trust and take our responsibility.
Team spirit: Only by working as a team we can satisfy our customers and achieve our common goals.
Flexibility: As life is constantly changing, we are able to change our thinking, processes, way of working, etc.
Quality: The quality of our services enhances the satisfaction of our customers.
Cost-conscious: We focus on our thinking and doing on how to make the best use of time, money, and other resources.

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The world of transport and logistics is complicated and can face many obstacles. Moving successfully around these obstacles requires the ability to tackle each new challenge with fresh ideas, applying creativity, experience, and expertise.

Ocean Freight94%
Air Freight72%
Road Transport88%
Customs Clearance67%
Cntr. Handling83%


How long does international shipping take?

The transit time of an ocean shipment depends on the port of departure and the port of arrival. For example, shipping from the East Coast to Europe generally takes two weeks, where as shipping from the West Coast to Europe takes four to five weeks. Vessel sailings are regularly scheduled and we can always provide you with the estimated dates of departure and arrival of our next vessels.

How to calculate international cargo shipping cost?

Prices for international cargo shipping are determined by size, weight, and final destination.

What is containerized shipping?

Containerized shipping is a very common method for expediting the movement of household goods and commercial products. Your commercial products or household goods are loaded into a protective steel container similar to a semi-truck trailer (without wheels). The container is loaded onto an ocean-going vessel. Upon arrival, the container can be loaded onto a trailer for delivery to your final destination.

How much does a container hold?

Standard containers come in two sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot in length. The 20-foot container can hold approximately 1050 cubic feet (the contents of a one-bedroom apartment). The 40' container can hold approximately 2100 cubic feet. Specialized containers (hi-cube, refrigerated, open-top, etc.) are also available, ask us!

What documents are required to export my household goods or commercial product?

While itemization is not required for household goods, it is recommended that a general list with item valuation be provided. Packing lists showing unit quantities and values are needed for commercial product shipments. The above documents are needed to expedite export clearance and will be returned upon completion of the export clearance verification.

Do I need marine insurance for overseas shipments?

Optional marine insurance provides coverage against both loss and damages during ocean transit. Uniworld will obtain marine insurance coverage for your shipments upon request (additional charges apply). Due to the low cost of marine insurance, Uniworld recommends obtaining All Risk coverage.